The Technical Info and Credits

The Flea Show is animated using a combination of Carrara 3/4/5/6 and Poser using Mimic for the lip sync and a little bit of help from the add-ins for Carrara from Digital Carvers Guild and a regular dose of help from Renderosity.

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Video file formats

The animations are rendered to uncompressed AVI files and then converted into WMV via Xilisoft's video converter. Premiere Elements is used to edit these and the sound together, I prefer to work with video files rather than individual images as it simplifies the editing

The video files are now provided via YouTube so the following information is of less importance, however there may be clips that are only supplied via this site

The video files are in Microsoft's WMV format which has shown to be good quality for small file sizes. You may need to download an updated CODECs (video compressor) for Microsoft Media player to be able to view both the sound and the video for the clips. See link below.

Microsoft Media CODEC Download page

This should not be needed if you use the latest windows media player which can be downloaded from the link on the right.

WMV and non Windows platforms

Some people might lead you to believe that you can only play Windows Media Videos on a Windows machine. However you can also play these on your Macintosh or Linux box.


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